• Ana H. Lima

What bird-feeding taught me

#AspiringAuthors #ReflectingReflections #BirdFeeding

Birdies teach us lessons too!

About a year ago I started buying seeds to feed to the many wild birds that visit my terrace every day. It's been beautiful watching them from afar as they eat and interact with each other and so much fun to learn more about their simple yet awesome birdie lives.

But a couple of nights ago it started raining so hard I had to hide the bird feeder in a locker so the seeds wouldn't get soaked and washed away—something natural for me to do, for the birdies obviously couldn't do it for themselves.

But when I woke up the next morning, the day was already sunny and bright, and the birdies were in a tizzy. They trilled, and chirred, and bounced around my terrace, ruffling their feathers as they searched to and fro for their food. So I brought the bird feeder out, and poured in more seeds, and even added some bread crumbs to compensate for the late breakfast. And I'm sure they appreciated the gesture very much, for they came by to say hello several times that morning.

And as I reviewed the episode in my mind that day I received the following insight. The next time you feel that God/the Universe has taken something away from you, or when you feel abandoned and disconnected from Source, you can be sure that it's happening to you for your own good, and that something more awesome and surprising—and yummy—is on the way to you. That's what my birdies taught me.

Wishing you a beautiful day ahead!