Author Bio

The Happy Beginnings

Daughter to a Chilean, stay-at-home supermom and an Uruguayan, hotel-managing superdad, I was born on September 4th, 1972 in Acapulco, Mexico, where we lived for a year before moving to Valencia, Venezuela, cats and all.

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Life in Valencia during the 70s was a child's dream: tropical weather (meaning life in shorts and flip-flops), tropical plants (meaning colorful seeds and flowers to pick and collect), tropical insects (meaning coiling centipedes into spirals and picking cicada shells from tree trunks). Wherever I looked I saw colors and But also the warm summer sun, the fresh-picked mangoes, my orange arm floaties. But the best part arrived when I joined nursery at the local American school.

I was born in Acapulco in 1972.
Little me  (1977)
With my dad and my brother Victor after a spelling bee.

Of all my childhood memories, the fondest belong to those initial school years. The sight of Miss Holly's colored ABC cards scotch-taped to the wall, the sound of her chalk piece tapping on her dusty blackboard as she taught us our first words, the smell of construction paper smeared with globs of Elmer's glue, the vibration of my round-tip, the feeling of my plastic scissors cutting through the sheets . . . But when I found out there was a certain "Mother Goose" who taught catchy rhymes, aaah! My fantasy soared to a whole new level.


Of course, I learned her rhymes by heart and drew sketches for my favorite ones. But I also invented my very own, pumping my creativity  I was also captured by Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" and Silverstein's "The Giving Tree”, two classics that I still cherish today.  I remember thinking that Max in his wolf costume looked scarier than the monsters themselves. And wondered if  those heart carvings on the giving tree's trunk caused it pain.

My creativity grew hand in hand with my age.  As with all children, my imagination galloped like a wild horse, free and untamed.  And thanks to my mom, who instinctively knew how to harness and direct those creative energies, I began to write. Yes, I started putting my thoughts on paper.  I could now give life to the magic worlds that existed inside my head.

My first character was a girl called Veronica. I remember her having brown, shoulder-length hair and she entered a magic world through an oval mirror in her bedroom. But only on nights with full moons. And if, and only if, the moon reflected its rays on the mirror. Only then would the magic portal unlock. I impersonated Veronica as I imagined the fantastic world she discovered on the other side. Lucky her. I felt the same way several years later while reading C. S. Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".  I'd never experience Narnia first-hand. How frustrating.

During those early years I developed an interest for word games and was actually quite good at spelling. But I'll never forget that terrible, third-grade morning when I lost the annual school Spelling Bee with an "ultra-difficult" word: BASKET.  I spelled it B-A-S-C-K-E-T. And, guess what. I never misspelled it, again. :-)

In 1980 we sadly left Valencia behind on the way to Santiago, Chile, where, we joined my grandparents and settled. Here, too, I attended the local American school. And with the arrival of my younger brother Ricardo the year after, our family was happy and complete.

The Murky Middle

Following the family globe-trotting tradition, I moved to Rome, Italy, in the year 2000 after receiving my college degree in Public Relations and working several years at the Santiago office of the American Public Relations and Communications firm, Burson-Marsteller.

In Rome I earned a Master's Degree in Corporate Communications and Marketing and dove myself headfirst into the hectic world of business, working endless 9-hour shifts as I locked all my dreams and innermost wishes into a "not now" drawer. The virgo in me knew only how to work-work-work and meet deadlines that felt like dreadful backpacks filled with rocks.

Until one day my body spoke loud and clear. In 2011, I got sick. Very, very sick.  And three years after, it happened, again. 


But one chilly, spring morning in 2015, feeling as sore and as blue as ever, I felt this powerful urge to write.  A silent voice in my heart encouraged me to do what I was born to do: create magical worlds. Without even knowing it, I'd found the antidote to my pain. That was my true calling. And  I started asking myself some really important questions:  before I left this world, whenever it happened, what was my personal contribution to this planet going to be? What was I going to leave behind? "Amusing books" felt like a wonderful answer to both.


From that day onward, and little by little, my life started to bloom in miraculous ways I could've never foreseen.  My health improved. And with it, I began to  perceive the underlying perfection of Creation. And I understood that the painful experiences I'd encountered were nothing but a spiritual springboard to a new level of happiness and personal accomplishment that would manifest with time. My scars were nothing but the medals of honor for my glorious life battles. 

This spiritual awakening coincided with my discovery of the angel world, to which I became deeply bonded. 


The Amazing Now

Starting 2016, Anglusia gradually took shape on paper. I fine-tuned the initial project to what it is today. I decided to give myself a chance and became a full-time author, dedicating my time exclusively to learning and growing my creative writing career. 

Today, I'm the happiest person in the world. And I want to share my joy with my young readers. I want to plant little seeds of love in their hearts that can one day grow into huge trees of peace. Like my beautiful, Giving Tree.


When I was a child and people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I'd answer "I want to make people happy".  Today  I feel I'm on my way to doing just that.