My debut


A funny and heartwarming, middle-grade fantasy novel written in third person, close POV.

After shedding her Feather of Innocence, a twelve-year-old angel novice with a bright future and a dark secret desperately tries to take hold of her emotions while battling a bunch of ugly demons, starting with her very own.

Anglusia is not your usual angel city. And twelve-year-old Annabel Custos-Lux is not your usual seventh-grade angel novice. Unfortunately for her. Not only has she  had to put up with the nickname “Wimpy Wings” all her life, but, worse still, she’s twelve, and she's never flied. And all due to that mysterious childhood accident of which she knows nothing about. Nada.


Then she sheds her Feather of Innocence and strange things start to happen to her. Her lifelong dream of becoming an archangel in the Celestial Council is swept away by an unusual, and relentless, desire to be free. And when she lies, swears and gets a pimple all in a day's time, she knows there’s something terribly wrong with her. But what? Doctor Remedium won’t tell her. And her best friend Umbra isn’t helping much by acting darker than ever. Specially after finding that creepy, ancient manuscript.


Annabel’s Quill of Wisdom warns her of devils and fallen angels. But she doesn’t listen. So when she’s punished and sent away to a human orphanage run by an evil, stinky governess, her world falls apart. If she wants to come home, she’ll first have to prove she’s an angel at heart. A good one. But if she fails, she’ll win a one-way ticket to the Meditatorium, where she’ll be secluded, in silent prayer, for the rest of her days. Helleloo! She’ll do her best to succeed, as always. And, in doing so, she'll unknowingly find the answer to the question that has tormented her, all her life.

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