My debut

Feather of innocence

As Above, So Below . . . Or Almost

Who would've thought that shedding a feather could be such a bummer?

Welcome to Anglusia, fantastical land of angels, humangels, grandangels, guardiangels, and Annabel of the Custos-Lux, a shy and prissy twelve-year-old ethereal who battles with her miniature wings and dreams of flying.


But when she sheds her feather of innocence and starts doing things “good” angels never do, fate shoves her out of her comfort zone in the Divine Academy and into a challenging adventure on Earth for an exam that she’ll have to face as a simple, human girl. And if she fails, a lifetime of silence and contemplation awaits her in the Meditatorium, a gloomy Anglusian cloister for angelic “special cases,” far from her classmates in the seven angel clans and Doctor Remedium, her beloved but secretive wingopedist.


Luckily, her spunky best friend Umbra will find a magical way to give her a hand from above. And below is Ollie Boon, a simple orphan boy and Annabel’s first baldback buddy. Together, the three will rack their brains to unravel a mystery that originated a century before in Anglusia and ended up in Tinkleburough, right beneath their noses. But they’ll have to be very careful, for Lord of Supreme Evil Daevolus Malignor and his minions are near, and he’s got much to gain from Annabel’s failure.


So join Grandangel Ampersand of the Custos-Lux, Master Scribe of the Sacred Anglusian Chronicles and Keeper of the Holy Archives, as he guides you through the contrasts of the angel world above and the human world below to narrate Annabel’s coming of age from his whimsical Anglusian perspective. And he’ll do it in Anglish, English, and even in Angloo, for if there’s something he loves, it’s talking.

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW . . . OR ALMOST is my two-part 70,000 word debut fantasy, middle grade stand-alone with series potential. It’s written in third-person limited subjective POV and combines a heartwarming, non-religious angelic identity crisis (think The Unfinished Angel), an “angel on a mission” trope (think Everyday Angel), a magical academy in a fantastical world (think Hogwarts), and a witty, smarty-pants narrator (think Lemony Snicket with wings and a fluffy ego).

I'm currently seeking agent representation.

"Grandangel Ampersand has opened the gates of Anglusia to share Annabel's adventures with heart, humor, mystery, and magic."

Ana H. Lima